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Lab Technician
Portland, OR
Posted Apr 26, 2013 by National College of Natural Medicine
Category: Laboratory and Research


Lab Technician
National College of Natural Medicine

Salary Range: $16.09 - $18.90 DOE
Hours: 30 hours per week
Department: NCNM Clinic
Closing Date: Friday, May 10, 2013

Position Description
This position provides quality patient care, conducts chemical and physical laboratory tests of human specimens, analyzes test data, performs associated clerical and quality assurance duties, and educates medical students and medical staff in laboratory procedures and clinical correlation regarding the SIBO/IBS Center.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Respond to all customer service situations with a positive, friendly, professional demeanor.

Work creatively to solve problems, prioritize duties, and maintain a healthy working atmosphere so that productivity and positive employee relations are maximized.

Document and refer customer complaints/problems to laboratory director or designee in a timely fashion.

Report to work as scheduled and on time per College policy.

Maintain confidentiality of all information related to patients, medical staff, and as appropriate, other information.

Support and contribute to effective safety and risk management efforts by adhering to established policies and procedures, maintaining a safe environment, promoting accident prevention, and identifying and reporting potential liabilities.

Set up, calibrate and operate SIBO diagnostic equipment and instruments.

Collect, process and test patient specimens in a safe and accurate manner according to accepted guidelines, including federal and state regulations, OSHA guidelines, laboratory policies and supervisor's instructions.

Provide consultation and assistance to students and doctors regarding test ordering and interpretation, receipt of results from reference labs, etc.

Carry out research for and with students and doctors regarding complex testing.

Act as liaison to labs used by the SIBO/IBS Center physicians and maintain current information regarding test kits, procedures, patient instructions and specimen requirements and price.

Perform appropriate quality control, quality assurance, maintenance and proficiency testing procedures according to accepted guidelines.

Maintain laboratory in a neat, safe and orderly manner.

Answer phone inquiries from doctors, patients and potential patients regarding SIBO/IBS Center laboratory services, test availability, specimen requirements and price.

Work with and provide training and information to students, staff and faculty and provide information to patients as needed to ensure timely and accurate performance of laboratory procedures.

Coordinate and work with other laboratory staff, clinic and college staff and administration to improve the service of the laboratory and further the mission and goals of the College.

Work directly with the SIBO/IBS Center physicians to provide services to their patients.

Work directly with the SIBO/IBS Administrative Coordinator to support the physicians and patients.

Provide backup to the NCNM Laboratory staff

Perform associated clerical and administrative duties according to policies and procedures and accepted local, state and federal guidelines, including:

• Review and approve all reports for accuracy prior to distribution to physicians;
• Document quality control measures and monitor quality of work;
• Perform proficiency testing as required and maintain records that demonstrate that proficiency testing samples are tested in the same manner as patient samples;
• File and distribute laboratory reports in a timely manner;
• Perform side-by-side testing as part of the procedure for changing test kits or procedures and make recommendations regarding any change;
• Review laboratory requisitions and follow-up with doctors as requests expire;
• Maintain telephone contact with reference labs regarding tests ordered and results;
• Monitor tests ordered and turnaround time;
• Maintain up-to-date price lists for reference labs;
• Document instrument and procedural calibrations and maintenance performed on instruments;
• Monitor and stock laboratory supplies;
• Maintain adequate inventory of current tests kits for reference labs;
• Assure that reports are sent to doctors requesting tests on outpatients in a timely fashion and document date of report transmission;
• Answer questions for billing department regarding ICD9 codes, CPT codes and other billing matters as requested;
• Assure proper billing by filling out service summaries or assisting in billing insurance providers as agreed with patient and billing office;
• Review reference lab invoices to assure tests were ordered, completed and paid;
• Report positive test results indicating communicable diseases to the appropriate County or State Health Department according to State Health Department guidelines and document any communicable disease report;
• Report all panic values to ordering physician and/or clinical representative (such as NHC CMO, NHC Lab Director or Community Clinic Coordinator). Fully document such reports; and
• Attend laboratory staff meetings and/or training as required.

Provide training as required, including:
• Answer questions from doctors and students regarding test availability, pricing, specimen requirements, turnaround times, relevance or indications for test, etc.;
• Educate doctors and students about OSHA and other federal and state regulations;
• Introduce students to lab procedures, standards and quality control;
• Teach and supervise student blood draws and practical lab training; and design, coordinate and carry out fourth year lab post in conjunction with lab supervisor and Clinic Director.

Education and Experience:
Bachelor's degree (B. S.) from four-year college or university preferred; Associate's degree or certification as a Medical Laboratory Technician or Medical Technologist required, or equivalent, and one year minimum experience in Medical Laboratory field (may include internship/externship) with documented training in major clinical laboratory areas (medical terminology, phlebotomy, urinalysis, hematology, specimen processing, etc.) or equivalent combination of education and experience. Phlebotomy experience is required.

• A working knowledge of OSHA guidelines and other local, state and federal regulations or guidelines that apply to laboratory medicine.
• Required skills for proper specimen collection, including patient preparation if applicable, labeling, handling, preservation or fixation, processing or preparation, transportation and storage of specimens.
• Required skills for implementing all standard laboratory procedures.
• Required skills for performing preventive maintenance, troubleshooting and calibration procedures related to each test performed.
• Working knowledge of reagent stability and storage.
• Required skills to implement the quality control policies and procedures of the laboratory;
• Awareness of the factors that influence tests results.
• Required skills to assess and verify the validity of patient test results through the evaluation of quality control samples prior to reporting patient test results.
• Ability to identify problems that may adversely affect test performance or reporting of test results and correctly detect problems.
• Working knowledge of clinical information, test procedures and scientific data, demonstrating the ability to help correlate lab results with patient information presented.
• Ability to read, analyze and interpret scientific laboratory data.
• Ability to communicate with people of varying levels of scientific knowledge and personal skills to deal with a variety of people and respond to common inquiries or complaints.

To apply, submit résumé and cover letter via one of the following methods:

personnel@ncnm.edu (job title must be in e-mail subject line)

U.S. Mail:
Human Resources/ Lab Technician
National College of Natural Medicine
049 SW Porter Street
Portland, OR 97201


For more information call Steve Johnson at 503-552-2001.




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